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"Stephanie helped us navigate a complex time in our relationship. She skillfully helped us explore the intersections of our identity in a way that made us feel seen, valued, and heard. We hoped to find an open and honest therapist that could challenge us to think past our conditioning and expand our outlook on life and one another, and Stephanie did just that. Her boundaries are great, yet she is relatable so her sessions don’t feel sterile. Thanks, Stephanie for being awesome!"

"I went through a trial and error process to find a therapist that suited me and my needs. As a queer trans man, I struggled to find a therapist with the middle ground between my current life and my upbringing. My first session with Stephanie proved that she could meet me where i was. She has a knack for empathizing with her clients without ever imposing her own assumptions nor personal narratives on their life. She is diplomatic and compassionate, able to navigate a range of sensitive issues with an array of audiences. She has acted as a mediator between me and my family, she has been a translator for my own internal monologue, and more than anything she is a friendly face and a kind listener. Since becoming a patient of Stephanie’s almost a year ago I have been impressed with my own growth, supported and championed by her. I feel like a fuller more competent version of myself after each session with a full arsenal of tools to tackle and challenge that comes in the week between our sessions."

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